sustainability Indicators
The Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) funded OSGeo-India to deploy an Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Western Ghats. This SDI should enable Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). In this context OSGeo has taken up the task to deploy SDI for EIA with a vision of showcasing advantages of Free and Open Source Software in GIS (FOSS4G). FOSS4G enabled OSGeo-India to deploy an SDI, which is compliant with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Standards. In this deployment, all the software tools used were not just Open Source but were also free from annual license costs, thus reducing the cost of deployment throughout the hierarchy from spatial database to Graphical user interface. 

One more uniqueness in this SDI is that, it is developed with a evolving concept of data crowdsourcing, to pool spatial data from different groups/individuals. Both initial data setup as well as spatial data updation is done using crowdsourcing. To enable users to update spatial data, android based mobile application (Kriti) was developed, which can be downloaded from the web portal of the SDI. But the challenge in handling crowdsourced data is maintaining quality. So a Web GIS based moderation approach has been implemented, where experts from the various domains can edit/delete crowdsourced data. OSGeo-India collaborated with KAIINOS Geospatial Technologies Pvt Ltd to design and develop Web GIS and Kriti. 
SDI for Location Dynamics

Ayacut area of any water body can be delineated using open data sources available in Earth Explorer . Derived datasets from digital elevation model gives potential command area. Temporal satellite data can be studied to evaluate how much of this potential area is used for cultivation. Analyzing both multispectral satellite data and digital elevation data we can quantify the volume of water present in a waterbody. Correlation of this volume with acreage helps in efficient management of command area.


Ayacut Management