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Kriti for Smart Cities

Kriti helps organizations working in urban governance to gather spatial data for urban planning. It helps users in visualization of spatial datasets and edit them from time to time.

We have helped governments set up spatial databases and post them as web services.Kriti is capable of consuming OGC compliant web service. It acts as

  • WMS viewer
  • WFS-T editor.

Given the sensitivity of spatial data in urban areas Kriti has inbuilt design for authorized access to data. Kriti is capable of providing access to users

  • based on credentials
  • based on location
  • based on authorization protocols on spatial data layers

Availability of base spatial data transforms Kriti into a collaborative spatial platform to monitor urban growth.

Agent Models for Smart Cities

GIS models for land use changes capture historical land use patterns and use predictive models such as regression models to come up with future land use. Population dynamics due to push from rural to urban or pull to urban from rural areas need deeper understanding of socio economics. This understanding of population dynamics helps in improving the accuracy of land use models

urban geo bi

Understanding rural economy and its effect on population migration from rural to urban helps in building efficient migration models.Analysis on perception of wealth helps in quantifying the effect of pull factor into urban areas. These parameters along with natural population growth help in arriving at quantum of population growth.

But where this population lands in a city is something that historical analysis of spatial data helps us in. Deriving correlation factors which affects population results in deriving population distribution maps.This perspective of Geograhical information science helps in understanding urban dynamics to plan our cities better. Also it helps in addressing challenges in rural economy. Balanced planned growth of cities curtail the cost of congestion and transportation. 


Dharani for Smart Cities

KAIINOS is building a spatio-temporal analytical platform "Dharani". This platform enables us to offer services pertaining to change detection, geo statistical analysis etc. This platform is built using Open Source tools and as of now we are using this in house. Our R&D team uses this tool to analyze temporal changes to land use and study its effect on human foot print.

Dharani enables us to

  • understand land use dynamics
  • incorporate temporal change detection models
  • evaluate impact of macro economics on land use 
  • build human perception models based on artificial intelligence

The analytical capabilities that Dharani brings in helps us in understanding the impact of socio economical conditions in land use. This platform adds a vital feedback loop to our agent based models to improve the accuracy in predictive analytics.