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Time has come to question the traditional practices of measuring development by analysing the aggregates of parameters such as money, health and education. With the advent of location information new perspectives of development can be developed and implemented with far better results.

Location data enables policy makers to measure the accessibility of the services (financial, health or education) to the population. A number like per-capita distance or per-capita time would be much more valuable than per-capita income. After all, all of us have 24 hours a day.

What could be a better vision ?

  1. To increase per-capita income of a region by 100 rupees.
  2. To decrease per-capita school going time by 10 mins
  3. To decrease per-capita hospital going time by 15 mins
  4. To decrease per-capita office travel time by 10 mins

GIS industry plays a very important role in bringing down the per-capita time spent by citizens on day to day tasks. Say if a policy maker accepts this approach of reducing per-capita school going time , GIS can be employed in assessing the current situation of spatial distribution of schools vs population, planning out where new infrastructure such as roads/schools have to come up. In the current approach of aggregate analysis policy makers get more information on the quantum rather than the location. In providing social infrastructure WHERE is more important that HOW MANY.


Importance of GIS for better Governance
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